The zuma game is an attractive and interesting game because of its attractive and clean presentation. It really brings out a relaxing gaming experience as it features a list of multicolored balls spirals toward the middle of the screen. In this game, a player is required to shoot those balls of the same color into the formation. The main goal is of trying to break it up and then push it back. The stages will become more challenging and more progressive as more ball colors and more difficult layouts are introduced. Even though the game play does not still change much, it is still an interesting and engaging way of passing the time. Gameplay Controls Simple to Use As per the game play controls, these are quite easy and simple for you to use. You could just rotate the ball spitting frog using the left stick. The frog already has one ball right through its mouth and another one on its back. The ball right through its mouth is something you can fire using the A button. The ball on its back is switched with the ball on its mouth by pressing on the B button. To be able to successfully remove the balls, there is a need to make three sets of balls or more using the same color. The technique in this game is on reaching the targeted score at the soonest possible time. Graphics and Sound that Suit Zuma game well The graphics and the sound are something that suit Zuma game so well. These may have not been considered by many as great but these are still worth adding on the thrilling and exciting gaming experience. The music is like in Aztec. Achievements Introduced in the Game to make it More Balanced The achievements that have been introduced in the game make it more balanced. There is an achievement that pertains to a sixteen chain and one for collecting coins. Apart from it, there is an achievement for creating gap shots and for playing the game for twenty-four hours. In each temple finished, an achievement is also acquired by a player. There will also be an achievement that can be received prior to reaching the highest level or rank in different stages found in Gauntlet mode. Apart from it, there will be one to obtain from reaching the highest score and another one for completing the stage along with the lighting speed. However, even though the achievements are completely balanced, they are still so very difficult that add up to the thrill and excitement of playing the game. Easy to Play at First but Will Put one Curse the Game for its Tough Achievements The game may look so easy to play at first but it will put one to curse the game for its tough achievements that add to the thrill and fun of the game. If you are someone who wants to play the game with balls, this one is just right for you. For as long as you are dedicated in playing the game, you will be off to enjoying the achievements to follow. So far, this game is nice and is fun as well!
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